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The City of St. Louis, as the historic core, can lead our region out of stagnation and put us on the path to growth for the first time in decades. It won’t be easy. We are facing overwhelming odds. But together we can rebuild.

As mayor, I’ll be grounded in long-term, sustainable solutions. I am committed to leading without the influence of special interests, protecting our public resources, building new systems of public safety and justice, and bringing prosperity to neighborhoods both north and south of Delmar.

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About Cara


St. Louis City has experienced decades of loss. Parts of our city have been devastated by crime, disinvestment, and population loss. We are number one in the nation in segregation when it comes to where people live. Make no mistake - our challenges are real, but I believe in St. Louis.

The St. Louis
Recovery Plan

The American Recovery Plan positions the City of St. Louis to receive $500 million in federal relief over the next year. This is a once-in-a-century opportunity to not only address the short-term budget crises – but to invest in the city’s future and create a long-term strategy for growth. 

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10-Step Plan
to Reduce Violence
for a Safer St. Louis

As Mayor, I will implement a comprehensive data-driven strategy. With the ten steps I am putting forward, we will improve trust between communities and our police department, implement proven strategies to reduce violent crime, and ensure our emergency services are responsive when they are needed the most.

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for Every Child’s Future

City Hall must make educating all children a priority and must stand with our educational institutions to meet the needs of each child in the city. In order to have the best schools, St. Louis needs a simpler, more connected system of excellent schools. Children are the future of our city. I will work to fulfill their fundamental right to an excellent education.

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Revitalizing Neighborhoods

The goal of Cara’s administration will be not only to reduce vacancy citywide but to address the problem by combatting the issues that have led to the unsustainable state of dilapidated housing. 

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Recovering our Community
from COVID-19

Cara was among the first St. Louis officials to encourage COVID-19 precautions such as social distancing and mask-wearing when the region detected its first cases in mid-March. As the pandemic continues, she remains committed to leading the fight against the virus. Her administration’s approach includes: Equitable distribution of the vaccine, planning for a post-COVID budget and protecting our most vulnerable.

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Pledging Racial Equity
As Cornerstone
of Decision Making

Cara is committed to addressing racial inequity as a primary focus of her administration, uniting the city behind the issue and moving beyond tokenism to root out the systemic and cultural biases that exist in our government and institutions.

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Standing Up
to Special Interests

For the past several years, Cara has led the fight against the privatization of the city’s largest asset, St. Louis Lambert International Airport. As Mayor, Cara will continue to fight for the people of St. Louis City.

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Building an Economy
that Works for Everyone

Cara’s administration will focus on reliable, well-thought-out development. It will be grounded in the purpose of city government – to serve its constituency.

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Bringing Equity,
to City Hall

Cara's administration’s approach will be to run the offices as efficiently and professionally as possible. The administration will form partnerships with residents and businesses to meet their needs.

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Cara in the News

  • Being and feeling safe is a fundamental right.

    Crime in St. Louis leads the nation. We have failed to include those most impacted at the table when making these mitigation decisions. Under Cara's leadership, we will no longer come at this from two sides – we will work collaboratively to build trust and deliver results.

  • Every child deserves a path to success.

    Educating our youth is crucial to the long-term success of any city. Families continue to leave St. Louis to seek education opportunities for their children. We can make St. Louis a place families want to raise their children.

  • St. Louis is a great city that deserves an inclusive leader.

    Our city won't be fixed on Twitter. It’s time to do the real work of rebuilding trust in our government. As your mayor Cara will proudly lead that effort.

  • Together we can unify a very fractured St. Louis.

    A better St. Louis will require inclusive leadership. Cara will work to ensure every St. Louisan has a voice and an opportunity. From North City to South City - The Arch to Forest Park - Cara will fight for you.

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