707 Headband – A Powerful Indica-Dominant Hybrid

CBDDY – 707 headband is a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s derived from a cross between Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Master Kush. It’s one of the most potent Headbands available, with THC levels up to 24%.

707 Headband Marijuana Strain Information

The name of 707 headband comes from the area code that serves the San Francisco Bay, a fact that has inspired many users to feel as if they are wearing a headband while smoking this strain. As with other Headbands, it provides a clear-headed cerebral high that’s ideal for stimulating creativity and reducing stress.

This strain is known to offer a body-melt that helps patients with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression relax. It’s also good for alleviating migraines, nausea, and insomnia.

It’s an easy-to-grow strain that requires little maintenance to produce a medium-height plant with high yields. Growers can expect 17-24 oz/m2 indoors and 24-35 oz per plant outdoors.

The 707 Headband marijuana strain is recommended for both beginners and experienced growers alike. It has a relatively short flowering period of 9 to 11 weeks and produces large buds with a high THC content.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is popular in the West Coast and can be found in Canada as well. It is also known to have a variety of medicinal benefits for patients who suffer from anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

This strain has a strong pungent and skunky smell that is complimented by an aroma of pine. It’s a great strain to enjoy during the evenings for its powerful cerebral effects and it helps to ease pain.