A Guide to Profitable Betting

a guide to profitable betting

There are many resources on the internet that claim to help you become a profitable bettor. These tend to be primarily targeted towards new bettors and offer advice such as paying for picks and analytics services. While it can certainly be helpful to have a professional picking service in place, you should also be aware of the cost involved as this will be deducted from your total winnings, impacting or potentially erasing your profit margin.

A guide to profitable betting of the most important aspects of betting is tracking your bets. This can be done using an excel spreadsheet or through one of the many apps that are available on the market. This helps bettors keep honest with their results and can serve as a form of self-evaluation.

The Profitable Bettor’s Handbook: Strategies for Consistent Winning in Betting

Another important aspect of betting is understanding the concept of EV (expected value). This is essentially the amount that you stand to win on average if you place a certain bet. For example, if you bet on heads at odds of +100, and on average you would win 50% of the time, this bet has an EV of zero.

In order to make positive EV bets you need to be diligent about shopping lines. This means that you should constantly compare the odds offered at various sportsbooks to find better value bets. This can be an exhausting process but it is well worth the effort as you will increase your chances of winning over the long term.