Ab Workouts Using a Kettlebell

ab workouts kettlebell

The core is a key muscle group that surrounds the spine and it’s essential for stabilising the body. However, many ab workouts kettlebell focus on static exercises like planks which don’t train your core to move and engage in various ranges of motion.

Using a kettlebell can be an effective way to add variety to your ab workouts. It also provides a challenging full-body workout that will help to develop your abdominal muscles in an effective manner and sculpt the entire midsection.

Kettlebell unilateral sit-ups

In this exercise, you will be holding a light kettlebell in your right hand while sitting down with your legs straight and feet flat on the floor. Using your abs, push through your right heel to roll onto your left hip, pushing it back up to the floor and returning to the starting position.

The Benefits of Kettlebell Ab Workouts and How to Get Started

One arm swing

The one-arm kettlebell swing is a great exercise for your core as it requires your hips to be pivoted in a specific direction, strengthening the obliques and balancing the weight between your arms. The single-arm swing is also a great exercise for increasing shoulder stability as it requires you to actively engage the shoulder stabilizers as well as your core and glutes during the movement.

Side load march

The side load march is a basic yet effective anti-lateral flexion exercise that strengthens the core as well as your hips and thighs. It can be performed with any kettlebell weight, but you’ll need to start with a lighter weight as you get stronger.