Alderman Spencer Officially Files as Mayoral Candidate

ST. LOUIS, Mo (November 23, 2020) – Today Alderman Cara Spencer formally filed to run for mayor of St. Louis.

“St. Louis needs a new direction,” said Spencer, D-20th Ward. “Unless we have a mayor that is willing to take on tough challenges, our current path – high crime rates, poverty, deep racial segregation — will continue to hold back the entire St. Louis community.

“I am the candidate with a track record of going the extra mile, digging in deep, answering to no one but the people of St. Louis,” she said. “I am the candidate with true St. Louis grit, who is willing to roll up my sleeves and do the hard work to make St. Louis a city that works — for everyone.”

She noted that the quota for the signatures to get her name on the ballot was met 100 percent with volunteer effort. “I am humbled and incredibly grateful for the hundreds of supporters who found creative ways to get the signatures of their neighbors and friends during this pandemic, especially on the rainy, cold days,” Spencer said.

Among Spencer’s accomplishments as an alderman are:

  •     Reducing vacancy citywide through an innovative mow-to-own program.
  •     Increasing building permits by 1,000 percent in her ward.
  •     Helping drive economic development and revitalization in the Cherokee Street neighborhoods.
  •     Successfully implementing Clean Missouri campaign finance limits in St. Louis City.
  •     Helping lead the opposition to airport privatization proposals by both local billionaire Rex Sinquefield and Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed.

Spencer has been a member of the Board of Alderman since 2015, when she defeated a longtime incumbent. In 2019 she won re-election with 70 percent of the vote. She notes that her ward is a microcosm of the city – mirroring its assets, like the Cherokee Street district, city parks and the Mississippi River, and many of its challenges — 39 percent poverty, 30 percent vacancy and a high crime rate. But in the past five years she has worked with the community to begin changing the trajectory of those statistics.

Spencer lives in the Marine Villa neighborhood with her son, Cy.