Aldermen want city to train city residents for city jobs

The St. Louis American

St. Louis aldermen are standing against Mayor Lyda Krewson’s move to advocate in Jefferson City to override the City Charter’s residency requirement for city employees. Some aldermen argue that the city’s unemployment rate for African Americans is high — and the city has about 1,000 vacant jobs to fill.

Krewson has been fervently supporting a Missouri House bill that would end the requirement that police officers live in the City of St. Louis for seven years. That bill was recently expanded to remove the residency requirement for all city employees.

“The city offered 50 residency waivers for police last year — that resulted in one hire,” said Alderwoman Cara Spencer (D-Ward 20) and Krewson’s mayoral opponent. “Residency is clearly not the only issue we have when it comes to hiring.”

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