Blue Dream – A Psychedelic High With Uplifting Psychedelic Effects

A favorite for first-time cannabis users, blue dream is one of the most recommended strains by dispensary staff members. This sativa-dominant hybrid delivers an uplifted, creative high that helps you unwind without becoming overly sedated or sleepy. It’s the perfect choice for a day or night out with friends, and it’s especially good for boosting your productivity at work or school.

Classic Blue Dream Strain: A Timeless Favorite in Cannabis

The terpene myrcene makes up the majority of blue dream’s aroma and flavor. This cannabinoid contributes to its relaxing effects and can help relieve pain, inflammation, stress, and depression. It also promotes a healthy appetite and alleviates nausea.

Its THC content is moderate, at up to 21%, but not so high that it becomes uncomfortable for new or medicinal cannabis users. This balance between Sativa and Indica, along with a rich profile of terpenes, makes this strain versatile and effective for many different medical conditions.

Psychedelic Effects

The bright and fruity flavor of this strain is derived from its parent, blueberry. It’s a sweet and fruity scent with woody undertones that make for a pleasant experience. Blue dream’s buds are typically covered in trichomes and tan to orange hairs.

This strain is fairly easy to grow and produces heavy yields. It requires moderate temperatures and humidity during the flowering phase to prevent mold, mildew, and bud rot. During this stage, it’s important to keep track of your plants and monitor them for nutrient deficiencies. Adding organic fertilizer can improve their taste and yield during this time as well.