Buying Residential Real Estate in Malta Through JamesEdition

Malta offers a wide choice of chic new-build apartments, historic homes, terraced houses, maisonettes, villas and converted palazzos. On the island’s densely built-up cities, such as Sliema and St Julian’s, prices tend to be higher.

What is the stamp duty on a property in Malta?

The supply of residential properties in Malta is limited and prices have been rising steadily year by year. Investors who purchase real estate in complexes within Special Designated Areas (SDA) enjoy more rapid and profitable growth, with prices increasing on average by 5Yi 10% per annum compared to 3-5% for properties located outside SDA. Link :

SDAs offer the chance to gain access to visa-free travel and permanent residence in the EU and Malta through the citizenship by investment programs, enabling family members to benefit from their own passports as well. The SDA property market is attracting interest from investors worldwide, and the process of buying real estate in Malta under these programs can be carried out through agents and lawyers on a power of attorney basis without the investor’s presence in Malta.

The process of purchasing residential property in Malta starts with finding a home on JamesEdition that meets the investor’s requirements. We then work closely with the buyer to evaluate the transaction and assist in obtaining a residence permit, permanent resident status and Maltese citizenship through investment. Our lawyers also help buyers pay fees, including the 4% stamp duty based on the sales price, notary and registration costs. We then prepare the final purchase-sales contract and transfer the ownership certificate to the public registry – all of which can be done without the investor being present in Malta.