InventHelp Review

InventHelp is a service that helps people market their inventions. They offer a lot of free information and help inventors get their inventions in front of potential investors. They also help you get a patent for your invention.

How much does it cost to use InventHelp?

It is important to understand the legalities of bringing your invention to market. You may need to hire a company to make a physical prototype of your invention. Once the prototype is approved, you can then find investors and manufacturers.

InventHelp will also help you determine the market demand for your invention. They can provide 3D renderings of your invention and videos of your invention. They also have expert lawyers who can help you get a patent. However, you are not guaranteed success.

Using InventHelp may seem like a good idea, but you should know what you’re getting into. InventHelp will ask you to sign an NDA, which is a contract agreement. They also ask you to submit a contract agreement and contract documents.

InventHelp also asks you to submit a copy of your invention. They will then send you a free package of documents. They also will follow up regularly with you through messages.

InventHelp has offices all over the United States and Canada. They are active and have helped thousands of inventors get their inventions in front of investors. However, they also have a fairly high bill. It can reach thousands of dollars for some inventors.

InventHelp has an impressive customer satisfaction rating. They have handled thousands of problems with their customers.