“I’ve said this before about Cara – she gave me a voice when I felt like I didn’t have one in my own neighborhood, and that was it. That’s all I needed. Finally, someone in a leadership position who said “Oh – you care about this? Then I care about this. If this is affecting you and your family and business, then let’s see what we can do about it.” and that’s what she kept doing.”


“I think Cara Spencer is an example of a leader who stepped in and represented an entirely new era and a new philosophy of what it takes to bring these neighborhoods up to the standards they are due. To create a place for everyone, where people can feel a part of the neighborhood without feeling like they’ve been squeezed out. But also a place that’s open to new ideas, new vision and new approaches. I think that was the refreshing start we [Cherokee Street District] needed.
“I feel like Cara is the right person to lead (the city) forward. She will never ignore or neglect the very fundamental problems that keep us in this kind of perpetual state of languishing. But she will not allow those to define us, not allow our drawbacks to be our narrative.
“The reason she has locked in my vote is because she walks the walk and she always has. She delivers on promises. Her commitment is unwavering. She does not compromise her principles for political expediency.”


“Coming from her neighborhood – she understands the core problems of St. Louis. Talking to her, I understood very quickly and early on that she cares about her neighbors; she cares about the city and the region – and you see that she prioritized stopping the airport privatization. That showed me that she cares not only about her neighborhood but the broader public – as that would have had implications for decades to come.”

“Cara is the kind of person that can think in a selfless way beyond her tenure as mayor. She brings a different mindset and I believe she can get the job done.”


“Cara has made a lot of practical changes in the neighborhood – encouraged a lot of business growth, cleaned up the area, the parks, helped open the swimming pool. She’s so pragmatic about everything.”
“She would make a great Mayor – she’s smart and effective at getting things done. St. Louis would be lucky to have her as Mayor.”


“Cara helped me purchase a building from the LRA. I heard it was complicated but she helped me out with everything I needed, it was pretty easy.
I renovated that home and that’s the house I live in now. I’ve seen what Cara did for our neighborhood, that’s why I’m backing her for mayor.”
“She has done a lot. The last thing she did was help clean up the alleys with new asphalt. It really helped maintain the area – it looks better than I’ve ever seen it!”