Hilton Discount Employee Travel

Whether you are an employee at Hilton, a friend of a Hilton employee, or you are a Hilton family member, you can benefit from Hilton’s discount travel program. The discounts offered through the Hilton Honors business card provide 50 percent off all rooms.

How do I use my employee discount code?

Hilton employees can get special rates at any Hilton branded hotel around the world. These are called ‘Go Hilton Team Member Rates’. These rates earn you base points, and also entitle you to a variety of elite benefits.

The best way to book a room at a Hilton discount employee is through their online booking portal. To log in, you will need your employee ID, the name of a Hilton Honors account holder, and your Hilton Honors number.

Hilton hotels offer an employee discount, but there are restrictions. These restrictions include blackout dates. In addition, Hilton employees are not allowed to use their professional position to make money. They are also not permitted to respond to guest reviews.

Generally, employees can stay at Hilton Hotels for $35 a night. These discounts do not apply to resort fees, minibars, or alcohol in the U.S. There is a limit of two rooms under the name of the employee.

Hilton hotels also offer a discounted night with breakfast. You can choose a room with breakfast for $45 a night. This is a great deal, but you must commit to five nights to redeem it.

If you are an owner’s club member, you can book two rooms for a discounted rate. In addition, you can book an additional two rooms at the “Family & Friends” rate. This rate is half off the best available rate.