How to Download IP Blacklist List

Download IP blacklists are lists of IP addresses that are known to be associated with spamming or other unwanted activities. When you run a check with the button above, it will look to see if your IP address is listed in any of the major DNS-based anti-spam blacklists (also known as RBLs).

Getting on an IP blacklist could affect your internet connectivity as well as the ability to browse certain websites or use services such as email and forums. Being on a blacklist may also affect your online security, as it could prevent you from connecting to certain networks or websites that are considered unsafe based on their reputations or the behavior of their users.

Enhancing Security: Download IP Blacklist

The three core reasons for an IP to be blacklisted are because it has a bad reputation, it’s associated with suspicious activity, or it violates specific legal conditions. Some of these reasons include:

It is possible to get removed from an IP blacklist after you’ve been notified that you are no longer considered a threat. The process of removal usually involves working with the service or network you are blocked from and explaining to them that you were not responsible for any malicious activity or malware.

You can add or delete an IP address to the blacklist by clicking the button on the toolbar at the top of the screen. If you want to import an existing list, click the Import button on the toolbar and select the CSV file that contains the list of addresses. You can also select multiple entries to delete them by holding down the CTRL key while clicking each one. You can use the Comments column to make notes about an entry for your reference.