How to Install a Windshield Banner

windshield banner

Windshield Banner

The windshield banner is a great way to promote your event, business or brand on the side of your car or truck. These decals are made with durable, high-quality vinyl that’s designed to hold up under the toughest conditions while ensuring visibility from the road.

Easy Application

These custom windshield decals | Vinyl Status are very simple to install and are a one-size-fits-most that will leave the rest of your car clean. They come with a plastic squeegee tool to help you apply your custom decals without causing any damage to the surface.


Before applying any banners, it’s important to make sure the window seal on your vehicle is free of any debris or air bubbles. This will allow you to lay down the material with a tight fit up against the glass seal. Once the material is laid down start with a squeegee at the center of the window and move it out towards each corner in a vertical direction. This will create a much tighter seal than just using the towel.

Innovative Ways to Use Windshield Banners for Your Wedding or Special Occasion


Once the material is in place you will want to apply the included logo decals. We will send you two of them in the order so you can layer them if needed or try out different options to find your perfect match.

Once you have the decals in place, take a few measurements to ensure the logo is centered and placed evenly on each of your banners. It’s also a good idea to tape the logo in place to keep it from moving around while driving on the track.