Invezz Latest News – What Does This Mean For the Price of Top and AMTD?

Invezz latest news

This week, the US Treasury warned that US lawmakers face an imminent debt ceiling crisis if they fail to agree on a budget deal this month. Despite this, US President Joe Biden has made it clear that he supports a compromise on the issue, and in this article, we will be looking at what it might mean for the price of crypto assets like TOP and AMTD.

With interest rates Invezz news continuing to be low, more and more people are choosing to put their money to better use than simply depositing it in a standard bank account. This has seen a surge in demand for alternative investments, and with the average ISA offering just 2.5% per year, many people are turning to crypto as a way of maximising their returns.

Crypto Chronicles: Invezz’s Latest Updates on Digital Currencies and Blockchain

As a result, a number of new cryptocurrencies are entering the market and one of the most interesting is Metacade, which has recently debuted on MEXC – the world’s 15th largest exchange by volume. This listing is a positive development for the coin and should help drive adoption.

The cryptocurrency market has been in a bearish trend this week, and this has been reflected in the price of Metacade, which has dropped from a high of $0.045 on May 3 to $0.018 on Tuesday. However, a number of other ICOs have seen their prices increase following listing on MEXC and we believe that $MCADE could follow suit and see its price rise in the coming days.