Building an Economy
that Works for Everyone

St. Louis has been trying to solve complex economic development challenges with quick-fix solutions like Better Together, airport privatization, and NorthSide Regeneration. These mega schemes failed because they primarily enhanced the power or bank balances of individuals, and did not serve the people most dramatically affected.

Cara’s administration will focus on reliable, thoughtfully planned development. It will be grounded in the purpose of city government: to serve its constituency. Her plans include:

  • Engaging the community in the development of the Mississippi Riverfront to attract residents and visitors to the endless potential of what a river can provide for the heart of a city.
  • Improving Lambert Airport to compete with competition in other regions — without selling it off to the highest bidder.
  • Promoting and improving long-term, mature assets like the light-rail system, cultural institutions, universities, and our extensive public park system.
  • Nurturing growing, dynamic industries in technology, health care, and agriculture by supporting institutions like The Cortex Innovation Community in Midtown, The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Danforth Plant Science Center, and more. These industries are poised to impact life on this planet in major ways for decades to come, and St. Louis can be at the forefront.
  • Fostering the future by investing in jobs in the region. Investing in coordination and collaboration between the city and creative co-working spaces like Nebula and T-Rex, local community colleges, SLATE, LaunchCode, the BUD Program, and other job training programs is essential to developing a robust workforce ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

City Hall under Cara’s leadership will be a place where honesty, collaboration, and bold ideas are the guiding values and behaviors. St. Louis is a grand old city that has become broken in fundamental ways. Cara relishes the job of leading the community in its restoration.