Recovering our Community
from COVID-19

Cara was among the first St. Louis officials to encourage COVID-19 precautions such as social distancing and mask-wearing when the region detected its first cases in mid-March. As the pandemic continues, she remains committed to leading the fight against the virus. Her administration’s approach includes:

  • Equitable distribution of the COVID vaccine. Black, Hispanic and Native Americans are dying at 3 times the rate of white Americans. We must stop the disproportional impact on these communities by ensuring that we are distributing the vaccine equitably and proportionately to those most affected. Cara held a hearing of the aldermanic Health and Human Services Committee, which she chairs, to discuss these concerns, and she is the only mayoral candidate to invite state officials to discuss the vaccine rollout. As mayor she will sustain her commitment to an equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine and other resources. 
  • Planning for a post-COVID budget. St. Louis was in a budget shortfall before COVID hit. Recovering from COVID economically will be an incredible challenge for the next mayor. Cara’s administration will have a post-COVID budget prepared in the first 100 days of her administration. 
  • Protecting our most vulnerable from the next COVID. Unfortunately St. Louisans represent wide disparities in health based on among other demographics, age, race, income, ethnicity and even zip code of where they live. As mayor she is committed to breaking down these inequalities.
  • Increasing the number of contact tracers in the city. Contact tracing was identified early on as one of the most effective means of preventing the spread of the virus. Cara worked hard to try to get the city administration to build a robust system of contract tracing, but to no avail. As mayor she will continue to battle the virus with vaccine distribution and social distancing precautions. But she will also build on the minimal contact tracing system to prevent further outbreaks.

As alderman and as committee chair Cara has been active in the efforts to protect all St. Louisans during this crisis, and she has emphasized directing attention to the most vulnerable residents.

  • Cara worked with the Continuum of Care Coalition to pressure the city to meet the special needs of the unhoused, advocating for a regional approach to providing services.
  • She worked with private businesses and organizations to distribute masks to people experiencing homelessness.
  • Cara fought to keep St. Alexius Hospital functioning during the crisis. It is one of the few health care providers easily accessible to 20th Ward residents.