for Every Child’s Future

City Hall must make educating all children a priority and must stand with our educational institutions to meet the needs of each child in the city. I believe in the unending potential of every child. In order to have the best schools, St. Louis needs a simpler, more connected system of excellent schools. Children are the future of our city. I will work to fulfill their fundamental right to an excellent education.

Plan for Success

  1. Development of a city-wide plan for schools. As mayor, I will convene education stakeholders to facilitate a citywide plan to educate all our city’s children. Stakeholders will include educators, parents and students from district, charter and private schools; city officials and planners; and residents. I support a moratorium on new school openings until a citywide plan is completed.
  2. Prioritize repurposing vacant school buildings. Recognizing the impact of vacancy on communities, I will convene a committee to match community partners with vacant school buildings. The committee will prioritize the reuse of structures to stay true to its original purpose of a community hub and preserve the school’s historical legacy.
  3. Appoint a Deputy Mayor of Youth and Education. I will establish this position to coordinate the planning process and to facilitate collaboration among district, charter and private schools to produce a coordinated and financially accountable system of excellent schools. This will be a cabinet-level position that will factor the impact on our youth into every major decision.

Funding Matters

  1. Re-orient TIF/Tax Abatements. Currently the city’s system for awarding tax incentives for economic development is reactionary and driven by developers. As mayor I will reorient how we interact with developers and ensure that we are judicious in awarding incentives only when necessary to ensure better funding of our education system.  
  2. Give Voice in Incentive Process. I will designate seats on the St. Louis Development Corp. and other boards relevant to St. Louis Public Schools and empower those appointees with voting and/or veto power.

Opportunity Expansion

  1. Support a Special School District. I will expand and improve support services for all children in the city. This includes prioritizing special education services through a separately funded Special School District. We will allocate dedicated resources for these services and support additional funding streams that do not place the burden on St. Louis’s most vulnerable residents through regressive taxes.
  2. Universal early childhood programs. I will champion a seamless system of publicly funded early childhood programs that meet the needs of all families. I will seek federal, state, local and private funding partners for these programs.