Implementing Inclusivity
in a Government that Serves You

Cara is not joking when she says that the first action her administration will take when she gets the keys to City Hall will be to throw out the typewriters and stacks of carbon paper! Come to the yard sale and see!

Her administration’s approach will be to run the offices as efficiently and professionally as possible. The goal will be to form partnerships with residents and businesses to meet their needs. Technology will be upgraded and employees will be trained to use it effectively.

The city Health Department will work with the Police Department on the health crisis of violent crime. It will reach out to other municipalities and regional institutions to combat persistent attacks on the lives and health of residents because diseases like lead poisoning, asthma, STDs, and opioid addiction don’t stop at city lines. Awareness of the effects of social determinants on health disparities among races and ethnicities will guide the department.

The city will use non-political systems and data for basic city functions like garbage collection, street and sidewalk repair, and park improvements. Departments will be required to set citywide goals and layout plans to meet them. Over the past five years, every improvement in the four city parks in the 20th Ward, every street paving, every alley repair, every sidewalk replacement was accomplished because Cara initiated or signed off on it. It is ludicrous to have city services vary from neighborhood to neighborhood-based on political standing or alliances.

A city leadership that develops thoughtfully and deliberately will lead the way for growth throughout the region. The endeavor will start by making the city work again for every resident and every business owner in ways both small and large.