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New COVID admissions may spur more city restrictions, health chief says

St. Louis Post Dispatch

ST. LOUIS  — The recent surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases across the metro area may spur the city to tighten its restrictions to try to again reduce the spread of the virus, Acting Health Director Fredrick Echols said Thursday.

But Echols, speaking to an aldermanic committee, refused to say exactly what changes in the city’s current emergency order are being considered and when they might be imposed.

“Right now it’s on our radar because of the trajectory of not only what’s happening in the city but in surrounding areas,” Echols told the Health and Human Services Committee.

“So we are considering adding some additional mitigation measures but nothing in the immediate future. Nothing will likely change today.”

Committee chairwoman Cara Spencer, who repeatedly tried without success to get Echols to elaborate, expressed concern at the lack of details being made public.

“I’m not hearing any particulars,” said Spencer, D-20th Ward.

“Letting the community know what may be on the table…would be enormously helpful. It’s very frustrating to not have any idea what we may or may not be considering.”

Releasing such information could help businesses and residents to prepare,  said Spencer, who is running against Echols’ boss, Mayor Lyda Krewson, in the Democratic mayoral primary next March.

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