Protect Online Businesses With a Proxy Detection Solution

Proxies are widely used by cyber criminals to hide their real Internet Protocol (IP) address and physical location, making them a valuable tool for fraudsters. Detecting proxy connections is therefore an essential requirement to prevent fraudulent transactions and protect online businesses.

Proxy detection solution proxy connection requires a combination of several factors, including IP detection, user behavior analysis, and other data elements. An advanced proxy detection solution can recognize common proxy and VPN services by recognizing IP ranges, as well as common locations for those services, such as residential proxies. Moreover, it can identify the type of proxies being used based on the header information and other footprints.

Many attackers use a variety of techniques to avoid being detected, including spoofing headers and using a large number of different proxies. For this reason, it is important to have a solution that does not depend solely on ping tests and other simple methods of detecting proxy traffic.

Empowering Security: Proactive Proxy Detection Solutions for Enhanced Threat Protection

An ideal proxy detection solution would also be able to differentiate between different types of proxies, such as anonymous proxies, cache proxies, and elite proxies. The ability to detect these nuances can help marketers identify high-risk users and apply rules or models that can automatically block such visitors.

Akamai’s Enhanced Proxy Detection workflow leverages GeoGuard data to recognize illegitimate IP addresses and match them to the appropriate category in the database. This allows customers to categorize the activity and take the appropriate action (such as blocking, redirecting, or enabling content access). This solution is built on top of our IP detection API service and includes several safety checks to avoid triggering false positives for legitimate users.