Shoe Making Machinery

Shoe Making Machinery

The Shoe Making Machinery that is used in shoe manufacturing includes a wide range of machines that help make shoes. Using these machines, you can produce shoes quicker and more efficiently than you could before, saving you time and money.

Leather Skiving Machines & Hydraulic Shoe Cutting Machines

The first of the Shoe Making Machinery manufacturing processes involves cutting the leather. This is a very skilled job because it involves working with high quality hides.

Once you have the leather cut, it is then shaped into your desired shape and size. This is a very specialist task because any flaws in the leather need to be worked around.

Maintaining Your Shoe Making Machinery: Tips for Long-Term Success

After the leather has been shaped and cut into the shape that you want it to be, you then need to add the eyelets where your shoe laces would come from. This is also a very specialist process as it takes a lot of time and effort to do this.

Another very important shoe making process is the welt sewing. This is a major part of the shoe industry and has changed the way that shoe is made.

In order to accomplish this, a welt is inserted in the machine with its leading prebutted end in the leading position. A curved hook needle is then pushed into the welt, which causes the thread to extend across the welt in the scarfed area at the trailing prebutted end. This is then sewn firmly to the upper and other parts of the shoe. This is a very difficult and dangerous operation, but with the welt sewing machine it is no longer a problem.