Snapchat Ad Examples For Ecommerce

snapchat ad examples

Snapchat is a great platform for ecommerce brands to connect with their audiences. The mobile-first app offers a range of unique, engaging ad formats that can help brands reach their goals and drive sales.

The key to snapchat ad examples success is storytelling. Ads should be short, visually appealing and include a clear CTA to encourage viewers to take action. Whether it’s to download an app, make a purchase or simply visit your website, ads should be compelling enough to keep users watching through the end.

This six-second ad from Ralph Lauren packs a punch with loud music, bright colours and a pop of personality. The ad also showcases the brand’s aesthetic, keeping the content relevant to its target audience and maximizing the value of each ad impression.

Collection (or catalog) ads are a great format for driving ecommerce sales conversions. They allow you to feature 4 clickable product tiles along the bottom of your Snap, which can be a live video (animated or not), still or cinemagraph. These ads are perfect for showcasing a specific product range, while still maintaining a seamless experience with the rest of your Snapchat campaigns.

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Auction based shopping app Top Hatter used Collection ads to increase the number of new customer registrations, and ultimately drive more sales from within their ecommerce platform. The simple ad featured user-generated content, which continues to be a highly effective marketing tool on social apps. Top Hatter also partnered with influencers to ensure the campaign reached a large and influential audience.