Strong is the New Pretty – 50% Sitewide Sale on Ryder Wear Leggings

Strong is the new pretty, and it’s never been more important for women to stay true to their passion for fitness. The luxe range from Ryder wear is designed to keep that fire burning, while redefining femininity and showing the world that struggle only makes us stronger. And this holiday season, the brand is making it even easier for people to shop its game-changing solutions, with a 50% sitewide sale on their seamless leggings and other gym clothes, as well as a variety of afterpay options that make them more accessible than ever.

As an international brand known for their workout clothes, and particularly their “butt lifting scrunch bum leggings”, ryder wear has built up a huge following amongst its core community. And it’s this following that the company has relied on to develop its RESET and Karina X environmentally friendly collections.

The Perfect Fit: A Guide to Choosing Fitness Leggings for Active Lifestyles

Rather than capitalizing off the in-shape girls in spandex doing yoga trend (like many other companies do), ryder wear has chosen to focus on building an inclusive network from the ground up. And the brand’s success is proof that if you build it with heart, good people will come. This is a company that was founded on gut instincts, community focused initiatives, and a love of healthy living, which has led to a loyal following that will continue to grow. And with yearly global growth, it seems they’re doing just that. Shop this offer now.