The Athletic Fit Menswear Solution

Athletic Fit Menswear

The Athletic Fit

Guys with muscular builds or who lift often have trouble finding dress shirts that work well for them. The slim fit that is the norm in most major men’s clothing stores leaves little room in the chest and arms, making it unnecessarily tight and uncomfortable. It is also too short in the collar and often ends up ripping after just a few wears.

Enter the athletic fit, an in-between option that is the perfect choice for many men who take care of their bodies. The added space around the waist and thigh areas makes this cut a great fit for those with an athletic build, giving them a comfortable fit without feeling too baggy or boxy. The length is just right, allowing the shirt to be worn casually or untucked and still stay tucked in when wearing it in a professional setting. Read more

Athletic Fit Knitwear: Cozy and Fashion-Forward

The best athletic fit shirts are made from cotton or blends that feature 2% elastane for stretch. The elastane makes them a bit more comfortable to wear and prevents the fabric from getting stretched out of shape after repeated use. They are also available in a wide range of colors that make them easy to pair with a variety of pants or jeans.

For those with thick, athletic thighs, the search for the perfect jeans off the rack can feel like trying to find your Goldilocks zone — a fit that isn’t too big in the thigh but is also not too tight. That’s why the new wave of skinny jeans with an athletic fit can be a game changer. They have the look of a skinny jean but have extra space in the thigh area, flattering your frame and showing off the results of all that hard training.