The Vibration Polishing Machine

The vibration polishing machine is a highly effective machine for finishing and polishing various surfaces. The process is easy to use and results are highly eye-catching. These machines are ideal for automotive and manufacturing industries, and feature vibratory motors that produce a mirror-like finish. The vibrations are generated by eccentric weights attached to the motor.

Media as a crucial agent for material finishing

The VP-430 vibratory polishing machine can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. The large bowl capacity makes it possible to polish different shapes and sizes at one time. Its polyurethane lining reduces noise and impact on parts. The machine also features a 650-litre bowl, which is ideal for processing large batches of products. The machine’s batch-processing capabilities allow it to enhance efficiency by up to six to ten times.

Vibration wheel polishing machines are most effective when it comes to finishing parts that have complex shapes or irregular surfaces. It delivers a uniform finish and a high degree of accuracy. They are used in the automotive industry for reconditioning engine and component parts. They are also perfect for polishing non-metal parts. In addition to this, a special PU screen and spiral bottom ensure 100% part separation.

Vibration polishing machines use a vibratory motor to produce a characteristic oscillatory motion within the processing bowl. They can operate at speeds of up to 3600 cycles per minute. A dedicated button controls the speed and amplitude.