Tiered Seating Hire

Tiered seating hire is a popular design feature in many performance venues. It allows the audience to see the action regardless of their seat location, providing a premium experience for all spectators. This type of seating is also commonly used in schools to create a comfortable atmosphere for all students. Tiered risers are able to be configured in a variety of ways, creating the perfect tiers for your event.

In theatre productions, tiered seats ensure that every line and movement of the performers can be seen by all attendees. This helps to enhance the theatrical immersion and encourages engagement from the audience. Tiered seating has been used in churches and cathedrals for centuries, allowing clergy members to be elevated above the laity. This created a clear distinction between clergy and the lay people, as well as ensuring that all attendees could view the service.

The Versatility of Terraced Seating: Ideal for Various Venues

GL events offer a wide range of high-quality indoor and outdoor arena and theatre seating for hire. These modular systems are speedy and easy to install, reconfigure and remove. They can be customized to suit your requirements and are suitable for any event from an open-air concert, or graduation to a tennis tournament or live studio TV event.

Brisbane tiered seating hire paired with equal access ramps makes it possible to make any venue fully accessible for all ages and disabilities. This ensures that no one is left out and gives your guests a comfortable, safe and enjoyable event experience.