What Does a Business Attorney Do?


A business attorney provides expert legal support and guidance to businesses across various industries. They help forecast a company’s long-term goals and ensure there are no legal hurdles that might interfere with those plans. They also provide a vast range of services that address everyday business needs, including contract development and negotiation, employment law, corporate tax planning and compliance, trademark registration, and intellectual property protection.

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Advising on Business Formation and Entity Structure

When starting a new company, a business attorney helps select the best entity structure to suit the client’s needs, which has a direct impact on taxes, legal liabilities, and operating costs. They also complete all required forms and paperwork to establish the company, including applying for an EIN number (think of it as the business social security number).

Drafting Contracts

As companies grow, their relationship with vendors, clients, or employees may change. A skilled business lawyer can mitigate issues that could arise by drafting clear contracts with defined terms and conditions. Enforcing Contracts
Business lawyers can also be helpful when a dispute arises, by advising on appropriate course of action and handling the negotiations for settlement.

Managing Taxation

Even the most prepared and well-meaning small business owners can run into problems with payroll, workers’ compensation, tax liens, vendor relations, collections, or other common issues that affect all aspects of running a business. A business lawyer can provide advice and guidance on these issues as they arise, or refer their client to a certified accounting professional who can further assist.