What to Expect From a Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service

A clean restaurant hood cleaning service is a fire safe environment for employees, customers, and you. It will also save you money on electricity costs because the equipment won’t work as hard to force air through when there is too much grease buildup in the ducts and passageways.

What is the best cleaner for exhaust pipes?

Local fire codes may require you to have your restaurant’s exhaust hoods cleaned on a regular basis. The volume of food you cook and the type of grease used may also affect how frequently your hoods need to be cleaned. The hood cleaning company you hire will charge you based on the size and condition of your kitchen. They will use a pressure washer to thoroughly wash the hood surfaces and ductwork, including baffle filters. They will also clean the plenum area and remove and wash grease troughs. A scraper and brush are often used on stubborn grease accumulations. They will wipe down the interior stainless and exterior of your kitchen hoods and ductwork, and make sure they turn off the gas before leaving.

The hood cleaning company will usually provide you with a copy of the cleaning receipt and schedule a time to come back for another cleaning. They will inspect the hoods and ductwork to ensure all areas have been thoroughly washed and cleaned, and they will attach an inspection sticker showing when your next hood cleaning is due. The hood cleaning company will typically also test your hood suppression system and fire alarm to make sure they are working properly.