AI Resources and Listings

Embracing AI technologies gives you a competitive edge by streamlining processes, and enhancing customer experiences. AI can help with everything from listing descriptions to virtual staging, and can provide a boost in lead capture and closed deal rates. large amounts of data quickly and effectively, often at a much faster pace than humans. AI can also make it easier to automate repetitive tasks such as analyzing legal documents and verifying information. AI is also a valuable tool for reducing the time and resources spent on manual research, analysis and reporting.

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Generative AI tools like Elicit and Speak allow researchers to synthesize and filter information quickly, saving them time. They also assist with the process of writing papers and literature reviews. In addition, some search tools have added generative AI such as Browse AI which automatically extracts and monitors data with a simple browser extension.

Another great resource for AI tools is Supertools which has a wide variety of tools categorized by workflow and industry. This site is one of the oldest repositories and continues to grow with new tools added every day.