Boom Lift Training – Online Options For OSHA-Approved Certification

A boom lift training also known as an aerial work platform (or MEWP), is a key piece of equipment on many construction sites. While the equipment offers a great deal of flexibility and speed, it can also pose serious hazards for workers without proper training or certification. These hazards can include falls, collisions, and the risk of electric shock.

While the basic operation of a boom lift is relatively simple, it’s important for operators to remain aware of their surroundings and exercise caution at all times. When the boom lift’s arm is moving up and down, it can collide with equipment or structures on the ground or air. Similarly, it can tip over when operators move the basket too quickly or place excessive weight in the basket.

Mastering the Heights: Boom Lift Training for Safe Practices

OSHA requires all boom lift and aerial work platform operators to undergo training and certification before they can operate the machinery. Workers who complete the required training and pass an evaluation are given an operator card that can be used on their jobsite. In most cases, employees must attend a classroom-based program that includes both educational material and hands-on instruction. However, there are now online options available for boom lift and other aerial work platform training that allow students to receive their OSHA-approved certification without the need to attend a physical class.

Whether your team is new to the equipment or you’re looking to refresh their skills, a boom lift certification course can save lives and boost productivity on site. With flexible online access, you can take the courses at any time and from anywhere, so no one needs to miss a day of work. And with free lifetime renewals, it’s one of the best investments your company can make.