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When properly installed (which only a professional spray insulation crew can do) spray foam insulation will last as long as your building can. Unlike fiberglass batts or blown cellulose it does not compress, sag, or settle over time and is highly effective in sealing air leaks. This Link: https://sprayfoamarchitectsflorida.com/

Innovative Solutions: Exploring Spray Foam Insulation with SFAF

While the cost of a spray foam insulation project can seem high, the energy savings that can be achieved over the life of the building can offset any initial investment. Over time, the homeowner can save thousands of dollars on energy bills as well as avoid costly repair and maintenance costs associated with a poorly insulated building.

The R-Value of a building’s insulation is the measurement of how much heat it can hold. Both open and closed-cell spray foam have a great R-Value but the most important characteristic of this type of insulation is its ability to create an air seal. This stops drafts, cold air and hot air from moving through walls or around penetrations such as light fixtures and electrical outlets. It also prevents condensation on the interior wall which can be caused when there is a big difference between the exterior and interior temperatures.

When spraying a home or commercial space, the professional spray insulation contractors will use specialized rigs to spray the material onto the walls and ceilings. This rig will typically have a computer to monitor and control the expansion of the spray foam so that it is consistently applied at the right thickness. The spray foam is then allowed to dry, which can take a day or two. During this time, the homeowners or workers will have to stay out of the area to avoid harmful off-gassing of the chemicals.