The Importance of Game Balance and Fair Play

Game balance and fair play are incredibly important for a กติกาบาคาร่า game to be successful. This is especially true for multiplayer games, where a single strategy or player can ruin the experience for everyone else. Game balancing is the process of tuning game elements, levels, difficulty, numbers and algorithms to achieve desired goals (like making the game winnable, fair for all players or keeping the player engaged) and to avoid huge imbalances that can be detrimental to gameplay.

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However, there is no clear consensus on what exactly game balancing entails. Some authors like Sirlin [11], Portnow, DeCoster and Rubin, Millard and Felder mainly see the goal of balancing in providing viable options to the players: They believe that game balancing should prevent the emergence of dominant strategies and make all decisions impactful to the player. They furthermore agree that implementing small power gaps is essential to achieve this and that they may be more beneficial than a perfectly balanced game.

In contrast, Adams argues that game balancing should make skill the deciding factor for the outcome of a game even in asymmetrical games. He also tries to make the player experience feel fair, which is harder than just providing the right difficulties, as he believes that there are many factors that influence a player’s perception of unfairness.